Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kayleigh Mackenzie Fidler

Well, here she is - all 7lb 8oz and 22" of her!

Kayleigh Mackenzie arrived on January 26th at 12 minutes past noon, and decided to show off her vocal skills right from the start!

Mom is looking for the instruction manual, Dad is looking for the refund policy - Grandma is keeping us all sane :)

In all seriousnes, Kayleigh is an absolute delight, despite the fact that she has her days and nights mixed up, and mommy and daddy have NO idea what they are doing - thank the heavens my mom (aka Grandma) is here to keep her alive. Dave and I struggle with keeping plants alive!

I have decided that I would give my right big toe for a tumble dryer right now given the amount of laundry Kayleigh can produce in one night! BTW- dont trust pampers - I much prefer the no-name diapers as they have not leaked on us yet!

Hope you enjoy the pic :)