Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OK - so here is a picture of Davids Birthday Card.

I kept it simple, framed the greeting with some hodgepodge hardware that I trimmed on of the brad holes off using my SU craft & rubber scissors - they cut through anything!!

The handprint on the inside is Kayleigh's contribution to her Daddy's birthday card. I inked her hand up using a babywipe that I put a few drops of SU classic ink onto from a re-inker. Love that SU classic ink is non-toxic so I can do fun stuff like this with it!!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Madness!

Well, it is Christmas once again!

Let the insanity ensue!

Personally, I love the madness - it is a great excuse to go a bit mad yourself!!

So, I have been madly making Christmas gifts and such. Here are two of the most recent ones.

First, it is a wonderful name plaque for my adorable little niece Paige. Found some wood letters, painted them white, then stamped them with the Baroque Motifs set using orange and pink. Embellished with some of the orange and pink felt flowers and some more orange and pink retired DSP. Now, while you will NEVER find orange in my home d├ęcor - my sister LOVES it!! It is her favourite colour. I still thank the gods for intervening and her giving up on orange bridesmaids dresses at her wedding.

Next is much more my style.

With the new addition of our daughter Kayleigh to the family, she of course required a Christmas stocking that went with Mommy's and Daddy's. So, our stockings are ones that I made in 2002 for our first Christmas in our new house. His is burgundy, black and gold. Mine is in plums with silk ribbon embroidery and pewter charms.

So, what to do for Kayleigh's? I did not want to go with traditional colours, and wanted it to be fun and vibrant (no orange allowed!).

So, here it is, in all its pink and green cotton candy Victorian Christmas glory!

I have done some embroidery with some pink ribbons and pearls, and stitched on some mini jingle bells (under the bow) and added some silver snowflakes.

To make it really "bling" I did her name using rhinestone letters!! Her middle name was supposed to hang gracefully, but I think the weight makes it tilt to much, so will have to stitch the cording and letters in place now.

But, isn't it just GORGEOUS!!!!

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful and Happy Christmas!!