Friday, February 26, 2010

Decorating Kayleighs Room

So, I was busy while my mom was here - she wanted to do some crafting projects. So, I hauled out what I had to alter to decorate Kayleighs bedroom.

There were 2 projects I had - letters for her name, and a paper lantern light cover for the bare bulb hanging from the ceiling.

This paper lantern globe I picked up at Ikea. For the past year, Kayleigh has had a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. So, I thought "its about time I fixed that - wonder what I can do for cheap" as we are renting. During a trip to Ikea to get a toy box for Kayleigh, I saw these, and had a light bulb moment (ha ha ha, could not resist!)

Sponged with some blue ink, then stamped the flower butterfly in rose red onto some pretty in pink CS and punched out with butterfly punch. Curled the wings with a pencil, and adhered to the sponged globe with some glue dots. Glued 2 back to back with some pink taffeta ribbon in the middle to have hanging from the bottom.

Now, Kayleigh just loves this - every time we go into her room, she looks up with a huge smile at her light cover, reaches for the dangling butterfly, and says "pretty". (her Grandma taught her that). Just warms the heart!

The next project we did was the letters for her name. I decided to do her name on the wall for one main reason - so she learns what it looks like. This was prompted by a comment that the doctor made last year when I took her for her 6 week checkup "she is going to hate you when it comes time to learn how to spell her name." I just had to laugh because several family members made the same comment.

Still, I love the spelling, so thought I would give her a head start with her name on the wall above her crib.

Very simple to do, but I do recommend you get some latex gloves to protect you fingers. Using the re-inkers and a sponge, just wipe the colours straight onto the letters. Stampin'Up classic inks dries very fast, so there is no waiting for things to set before you can move onto the next stage. I used some bright colourful prima flowers from my stash, and added some flat back pearls from the SU pretties kit. Adhered to the letters with a glue gun. The letters are mounted on the wall with 3M command adhesive as we are renting.

Now, I left these letters mat, but did find that some ink came off onto my fingers as I was adhering them to the wall, so I might take them down and paint with a coat of crystal effects. This will add some shine, and protect my fingers next time I have to handle them.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Diary of a Newborn Parent

So, for the ILWS Design team challenge of using 5 or more ribbons, I did this wonderful scrapbook page. There are 25 ribbons on it to make the fluffy ribbon cluster in the bottom.

The pull-out page behind the photo contains all the journalling - a 24 hour day in the life of a newborn parent as survived by Dave.

Here is the journalling:

0614 - Kayleigh woke up crying; dirty diaper. Changed it, cuddled and went back to sleep. She's so cute.
0616 - awake again, crying; diaper again. Need to wait longer next time. Sound asleep.
0627 - crying again; diaper. Hmm, need to run to the store tomorrow; about to run out. Cuddled, kept
crying, fed, burped her, and cuddled and she's back asleep. I hope she sorts this out.
1048 - Crying again; reminded myself that it's her method of communication. Diaper clean. Still crying. Boob, bed and asleep. Caught a couple of hours sleep. What a little angel.
1423 - almost four hours since last feed. Soiled diaper, changed. Cuddled and back to sleep. This is easy (though expensive); guess we got one of the good ones.
1919 - wow, five hours! fantastic; she is a gift from heaven. diaper and boob did the trick; sleeping soundly!
2302 - feeding and changing time; four hours this time. Wow!
0115 - awake and crying, dirty diaper. She crapped on my hands, and her clothes and the carpet as I was
changing her diaper. New diaper and clothes. More food, burping; she's probably done
0123 - finished scrubbing the carpet; am looking forward to 3+hours sleep.
0144 - awake and crying; comforted for 20 mins, back in bed now; sheesh...
0208 - crying; diaper clean and not hungry; finally just nodded off; what the ?????
0239 - started crying the second my head hit the pillow; spent last 20 mins walking the floor; asleep now.
0242 - *&%(“)*&”!.
0323 - diaper - again! she's asleep, wish I was.
0328 - she hasn't woken up yet; I think it might be safe...
0332 - she moves every 30 seconds and lets out a squeak; she's taunting me, I know it
0351 - she's toying with me, I know it. The second that I go to bed, she'll start wailing again. I refuse to give her the satisfaction; I will not go to sleep until she wakes up!
0418 - Please wake up, oh god make her wake up; I'm begging you; I'll do anything, just let me get back to sleep!
0426 - Woke up with sore neck; was sleeping with chin on edge of crib. I give up, going to sleep now, I think that she's *finally* down for the night.
0427 - *”&(“&$(“$”&”^^!%£%!!
0431 - finally stopped crying; I should probably go deal with Kayleigh now
???? - don't know the time, don't care; I think it's sunday, or maybe wednesday... though saturday sounds almost right too. ran out of diapers; used a t-shirt; only thing clean was my favourite; baby is sleeping with
satisfying grin on face. That should annoy me but I'm so tired that I can't remember why; going to sleep.
0614 - Kayleigh woke up crying; dirty diaper; mom changed her this time. For some strange reason, I can't find my favourite t-shirt; Kayleigh is all smiles this morning; I can't put my finger on why but that irks me; I feel guilty.
1048 - Crying again; reminded myself that it's her method of communication. Diaper clean. Still crying. Boob, bed and asleep. Caught a couple of hours sleep; what a little angel...
Note: At the time of this writing (Jan 30, 2009), Kayleigh is 5 days old... or so I'm told.
Love Daddy (Dave)