Monday, February 1, 2010

Diary of a Newborn Parent

So, for the ILWS Design team challenge of using 5 or more ribbons, I did this wonderful scrapbook page. There are 25 ribbons on it to make the fluffy ribbon cluster in the bottom.

The pull-out page behind the photo contains all the journalling - a 24 hour day in the life of a newborn parent as survived by Dave.

Here is the journalling:

0614 - Kayleigh woke up crying; dirty diaper. Changed it, cuddled and went back to sleep. She's so cute.
0616 - awake again, crying; diaper again. Need to wait longer next time. Sound asleep.
0627 - crying again; diaper. Hmm, need to run to the store tomorrow; about to run out. Cuddled, kept
crying, fed, burped her, and cuddled and she's back asleep. I hope she sorts this out.
1048 - Crying again; reminded myself that it's her method of communication. Diaper clean. Still crying. Boob, bed and asleep. Caught a couple of hours sleep. What a little angel.
1423 - almost four hours since last feed. Soiled diaper, changed. Cuddled and back to sleep. This is easy (though expensive); guess we got one of the good ones.
1919 - wow, five hours! fantastic; she is a gift from heaven. diaper and boob did the trick; sleeping soundly!
2302 - feeding and changing time; four hours this time. Wow!
0115 - awake and crying, dirty diaper. She crapped on my hands, and her clothes and the carpet as I was
changing her diaper. New diaper and clothes. More food, burping; she's probably done
0123 - finished scrubbing the carpet; am looking forward to 3+hours sleep.
0144 - awake and crying; comforted for 20 mins, back in bed now; sheesh...
0208 - crying; diaper clean and not hungry; finally just nodded off; what the ?????
0239 - started crying the second my head hit the pillow; spent last 20 mins walking the floor; asleep now.
0242 - *&%(“)*&”!.
0323 - diaper - again! she's asleep, wish I was.
0328 - she hasn't woken up yet; I think it might be safe...
0332 - she moves every 30 seconds and lets out a squeak; she's taunting me, I know it
0351 - she's toying with me, I know it. The second that I go to bed, she'll start wailing again. I refuse to give her the satisfaction; I will not go to sleep until she wakes up!
0418 - Please wake up, oh god make her wake up; I'm begging you; I'll do anything, just let me get back to sleep!
0426 - Woke up with sore neck; was sleeping with chin on edge of crib. I give up, going to sleep now, I think that she's *finally* down for the night.
0427 - *”&(“&$(“$”&”^^!%£%!!
0431 - finally stopped crying; I should probably go deal with Kayleigh now
???? - don't know the time, don't care; I think it's sunday, or maybe wednesday... though saturday sounds almost right too. ran out of diapers; used a t-shirt; only thing clean was my favourite; baby is sleeping with
satisfying grin on face. That should annoy me but I'm so tired that I can't remember why; going to sleep.
0614 - Kayleigh woke up crying; dirty diaper; mom changed her this time. For some strange reason, I can't find my favourite t-shirt; Kayleigh is all smiles this morning; I can't put my finger on why but that irks me; I feel guilty.
1048 - Crying again; reminded myself that it's her method of communication. Diaper clean. Still crying. Boob, bed and asleep. Caught a couple of hours sleep; what a little angel...
Note: At the time of this writing (Jan 30, 2009), Kayleigh is 5 days old... or so I'm told.
Love Daddy (Dave)


Jana Weaver said...

Great page, and I love the journaling!! Sounds like Dave!

kerenbaker said...

What a fab LO- but loved the journalling- takes me right back!!!

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How cute is that picture!!