Friday, August 5, 2011

Thousands of coasters.....

A while back, I did a HUGE share for some thin mat board coasters. There were square and round ones.

I have known for a while what I wanted to do with the round ones - actually use them as coasters!!


Of course, they would need to be stamped, inked and coloured in different fashions, but they would live their lives as coasters.

But, if you are like me...... it is the keeping track of things in my house that can be a challenge..... so I needed something to keep the coasters in. After much searching for something that would work on the web for me to buy, it hit me one day while making lunch........ the containers of Laughing Cow cheese! They are round, will hold about a dozen coasters, and are the perfect size!

So, here are my first few sets:

The above one was done using the Stampin'Up! set Elements of Style, while the one below is Contempo Christmas.

And this final one is done using Growing Green, and I made it up for a good friend. I hope she likes :)

The only special thing I did was to paint the laughing cow container white first, and then covered the edge with some washi tape, but you can easily glue ribbon, or even stamped on regular masking tape.

The coasters have been covered with some clear sticky back plastic - the stuff you can pick up in stationary shops for covering books.

The large scallop circle on top is using the SU sizzix scallop circle die - it fits PERFECT!!

I hope you enjoy :)


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Bekka said...

The friend definitely LOVES them - and is looking forward to using them.

Thank You